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Revolution Sport FISCB


Free play table socce homologated by the FISCB (Federazione italiana Sport Calcio Balilla)

1st Competition table (starting from 2018)

  • Free play single body cabinet (not detachable).
  • The heavy metal legs are fitted on the outside of the cabinet making it extremely stable.
  • The cabinet is made of 30 mm thick multilayered poplar plywood hardened by two birch laminate sheets extremely durable and consistent.
  • New design of figures with innovative feet shape
  • Playfield surface is made of plastic laminate milled accurately to remove any difference between the playfield panel and the side trim (PATENTED SYSTEM).
  • New boarder sides trim with reduced dimensions and a minimal slope.
  • Playfield length is 113cm
  • 80×80 Corner iron legs painted with epoxy powder jointed self-leveling foot for total adherence on floor.
  • Handles are made of rubber latex with hand guarded edges for a perfect grip and reduce hand sweating.
  • Comes standard with telescopic 18 mm drawn steel double plated rods to prevent rust forming.
  • Molded bushings made of high resistant plastic material planted directly in the cabinet.
  • New sliding bushing, in addition to the Teflon bushing, fixed on the hollow rod’s end to increase the inner rod sliding.
  • Two springs fixed on both ends of the rod
  • Supplied with 10 Revolution balls and 1 lubricant spray for rods.

Technical data

Assembly instructions


Play field dimensions

113 x 70 cm

Game Dimensions

138 x 110 x 90 cm

Carton dimensions

140 x 80 x 31 cm


95 Kg