One of the best selling and very popular table, original version of the Roberto Sport Free-play Line, is the College table soccer. The well refined specifications and high quality material make this table one of the top in its range used at home, school or institutions. The telescopic rods provide perfect playability while keeping safety in mind. The wide range of colors makes it suitable for different locations.

Complies with the European Toy Safety directives.

  • Mobile in compensato multistrato di pioppo rivestito in laminato plastico
  • Parte superiore in alluminio anodizzato che forma una barriera di protezione al legname preservandolo da infiltrazioni di umidità e dai raggi solari, senza necessità di alcun trattamento nel tempo
  • Aste diam. 16 mm in acciaio trafilato trattato con cromatura antiruggine
  • Aste telescopiche (l’asta non fuoriesce dal mobile) per una totale sicurezza anche per i più piccoli
  • Piano di gioco in vetro temperato infrangibile mm. 5 di spessore
  • Boccole in materiale plastico ad alto scorrimento
  • Gambe in ferro verniciate
  • Recupero palline goal da due feritoie poste sui lati
  • Calciobalilla conforme alle norme di sicurezza Europea sui giocattoli, certificato dal marchio CE

25 mm multilayer plywood table covered with melamine


Black, Green, Light blue, Red, Wood, Yellow

Playfield dimensions

111 x 70 cm

Game dimensions

134 x 110 x 90 cm

Carton dimensions

138 x 80 x 25 cm


53 Kg


5 mm unbreakable tempered glass playfield


Painted iron legs

Leg Leveler



Telescopic diam. 16mm in Italian version
Telescopic diam. 18 mm in International version


Export diam. 16mm – Italian version
Professional diam. 18 mm – Internatinoal version

Roberto Sport has a two- year warranty for its products starting from the acquisition date. Warranty covers manufacture defects only; it doesn’t cover damages caused by misuse or assigned to be due to wear & tear. A manufacture defect must be reported at the earliest by a written communication within two months. A written notification must be sent to the vendor ( )

Roberto Sport is committed to restore the table with no charge on the buyer by repairing or replacing the damaged part/parts or by offering a discount.


Thank you for choosing one of Roberto Sport’s products. Our tables are famous for their quality and accuracy of their components. Roberto Sport has been producing table soccer, pool and hockey tables for more than 65 years. Huge experience and tradition, constant research and innovation have brought  Roberto Sport’s name as a synonymous of the “Made In Italy” football tables all over the world.

General warning

Unpacking and assembly operation should be carried out entirely by adults. Keep children away throughout all steps. All small parts such as bolts, screws etc., not yet assembled, and nylon bags might be swallowed or inhaled.

Care and maintenance

The model you just bought is for INDOOR USE. For this reason we suggest you to install it in sheltered environment, with low humidity degree and direct sun bean free.

In order to keep your tables performance at a high level, we suggest you clean it periodically by using a humid dust cloth. For difficult stain you may use abrasive-free detergents. For an utmost sliding rods: we suggest you get the external part of the rod lubricated (the one in touch with the bushing) along with the rod’s internal part by using a silicon spray. Roberto Sport uses and supplies a special silicon spray studied, produced and tested for these purposes. Do not use grease; it holds the dust and might block the rod sliding. The telescopic rods assembled on this table are of a highly safe. To prevent rods bending, we recommend you do not load weight on the rods when extended.

For any problem you might have, or any info you might need, do not hesitate to visit our web site: or contact us at:

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